Frequent Questions

Really, we get asked this often.

We get asked these questions a lot, so we made this small section to help you out identifying what you need faster.

Should I install app?

No! podlar is pure app-less, you just need to "ADD TO HOME"

How to use podlar?

1. click on social button
2. select how many time you wish to redirect
3. click activate

Bingo! Now you can let other person to tap your podlar!

What is podlar?

podlar is a small tag placed on the back of your phone that lets you instantly share your social media, music, payment platforms and contact info just by tapping your phone to a compatible smartphone!

The other person doesn't need an app or a podlar to receive your info 💥

The possibilities for podlar are limitless. podlar can be used by anyone in any industry to instantly share a customized, all in one social profile to people they meet.

Don't want to share your whole profile, use our new patented podlar Direct feature to instantly pod someone to your Instagram, LinkedIn, contact card, Snapchat, etc.

Whether you are a student, artist, entrepreneur, model, influencer, athlete or photographer, podlar can help improve your networking and will leave a lasting impression on everyone you meet.

Where do I put my podlar?

For iPhones: Place your podlar on the bottom of your phone. If you place it at the top, it will set off your phone's reader constantly!

For most Androids: Place your podlar on the bottom as well.

For Galaxies/Notes: Place your podlar at the top of your phone by your camera!

Does the other person need a podlar or app to receive my info?

No! The other person does not need a podlar or app to receive your podlar profile. That's the beauty of podlar ⚡️

If their phone is on this list of compatible devices you can pop to their phone. If it is not, just use your podlar QR code on your profile to share!

What cases can podlar stick to?

podlar sticks nicely to all case materials except leather and some silicone. For these types of cases, we recommend either sticking the podlar underneath your case (yes podlar works through most cases!) or buying a podlar keychain instead.

For all other cases including placing directly on the phone, podlar is good to go!

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Can I order custom podlar?

Absolutely! Email us at to start a conversation with us! 📈

Features Handbook

Really, we get asked this often.

How to fill up the details, all you can find here!

How to fill up "Whatsapp" section?

You must include the country code. Example for United State : 1(your-phone-number), exclude the bracket. You can find the country code here

How to get Touch'n Go link?

Firstly, you need to be register as merchant, you will need to register in Touch'n Go ewallet app, once approve then you will get a QR Code, decode it with QR Code scanner and copy the link into Touch'n Go field.

How to get Paylah link?

Paylah is the service provide by Singapore DBS, you will need the bank account and then download the DBS app and register, you can find the "link" under the Paylah QR Code section, just copy the link and input at Paylah field.

How to get ShopeePay link?

Firstly, your shopee account need to be verify. Decode it with QR Code scanner and copy the link into ShopeePay field.

How to get GrabPay link?

Firstly, your Grab account need to be verify. Decode it with QR Code scanner and copy the link into GrabPay field.

How to get PayPal link?

You will need a PayPal account then register at, choose your username and get the link example and copy it into PayPal field.

What is Donation email?

The email address register for PayPal.

What is Custom Link for?

Creative is unlimited, you can put any link you wish like affiliate link, game link, referral link, just any links!